The work developed by our office reaches repercussion in several parts of the world, having been presented in Brazilian publications and in several other countries. Books, magazines and websites request projects of Sotero Architects frequently, attesting the recognition to the quality of our work. Several titles can be cited as examples. In Brazil the magazines AU, Projeto, Monolito, Arquitetura e Construção, sites como UOL, Globo, Folha de São Paulo. In foreign media in books of the Taschen publishing house (Germany), Architecture Aujourd’hui (France), Area (Italy), ZW Magazine (Taiwan) and websites like Archidaily, Platforma…

IW Detail ‘16 2015, Taiwan
Wood Buidings 2015, Germany
Area 2015, Italy
IW Magazine 2015, Taiwan
Casa e Jardim 2015, Brasil
Construir 2014, Brasil
Wish Casa 2014, Brasil
Conceito AV 2014, Brasil
Projeto Design 2014, Brasil
Construir 2013, Brasil
Wish Casa 2013, Brasil
aU 2013, Brasil
aU 2013, Brasil
Projeto Design 2013, Brasil
Projeto Design 2013, Brasil
Muito 2012, Brasil
Construir 2012, Brasil
Monolito 2012, Brasil
Casas Conceito 2012, Brasil
aU 2012, Brasil
aU 2012, Brasil
Projeto Design 2012, Brasil
Conceito AV 2011, Brasil
Sua Casa 2009, Brasil
Casa Claudia 2009, Brasil
Conceito AV 2009, Brasil
D'Licia 2008, Brasil
D'Licia 2008, Brasil
Casa Vogue 2007, Brasil
Projeto Design 2002, Brasil