OAB Headquarters – Countryside

OAB Headquarters – Countryside

This is a standard design for a 317.95-square meter built area that is planned to be executed in five different cities in the interior of Bahia. The design will be set up in accordance with the lot and city restrictions, implying variation in its orientation.

The building was designed to be executed in two phases: the first regarding the ground floor and the other for the addition of the top floor.

The ground floor program includes administrative areas, support offices for lawyers, auditoriums, restrooms and technical areas. The upper floor consists of support rooms that will serve future uses with the expansion of the institution’s activities.

The building is formally presented as a horizontal volume with openings that are set in a longitudinal or transversal manner in relation to the façades. A canopy marks the entrance of the building and leads the visitor to the reception and the gallery that gives access to the auditorium.

The design values a rational building system, using a 6 x 7-meter intercolumniation and reinforced concrete structure on the ground floor. The top floor, to be executed in the second phase of the project, will be built with a metal structure and glass curtains.


Date: 2014
Location: Irecê, Jacobina, Luis Eduardo Magalhãe, Paulo Afonso, Santo Antonio de Jesus, Serrinha/Bahia
GPS Coordinates: 12°04’52.7″S 45°46’51.3″W (see on google)
Status: built
Size: 317,95 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: Alberto Torreão, André Luiz Barros, Fernanda Cruz Rios e Fernanda Machado
Structure: Francisco Peixoto
Installations: Maurício Carvalho, Três D Projects e Assessoria Bim
Air conditioning: FJS Consultoria e Projects (Francisco José do Espírito Santo)
Images: Collection Sotero Arquitetura