Renova Energia Operations Center

Renova Energia Operations Center

The Operations Center project developed for Renova Energia is located on the Ventos do Nordeste wind farm, in Caetité, a town in the interior of Bahia.

The preliminary studies for this design began with the selection of the best location to set up the building in the area available on the farm. This phase was very important because we believed that the shadow cast by the wind towers would be a constant inconvenience for the users of the future station.

Our analysis pinpointed all the towers on a solar chart, taking measurements over the period of a year, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. It concluded that there is no area that is not shaded at least once during the year. Thus, a choice was made for the most elevated point, which would allow for greater visibility of the entire land and quick access to the Guanambi-Caetité Highway.

A U-shaped central patio was created to generate a microclimate on the site, which is situated in warm climate. The landscape utilized plants native to the Caatinga and Cerrado biomes, such as shrubs, herbaceous species, grasses and forage plants.

The building approach and the distribution of the program result from the company’s operational needs combined with its desire for a humane relationship between visitors and residents.

The program is distributed between two blocks connected via a walkway, which is situated on the uppermost level. The elongated volume is used by the Administrative and Operations Center and possesses two floors. The other, trapezoidal, houses a museum open to the public.

The museum possesses a basement which includes services, an atrium and two auditoriums, which can be integrated. The ground floor consists of an area where exhibitions and shows can take place.

The ground floor of the Operations Center encompasses the main entrance and the service entrance, the atrium, bedrooms, a lounge and a staff area with a locker room, a cafeteria, a cleaning area, a reception and a kitchen. The top floor is reserved for the operational areas and toilets.

Elements such as brise-soleil, canopies and eaves were used on several sections of the building with the purpose of improving the aesthetics for its users.

The building possesses a bold steel structure that boasts a ten-meter cantilever.


Date: 2012
Status: Não construído
Location: Caetité/BA
GPS Coordinates: 14°06’33.1″S 42°36’40.2″W (ver no Google)
Size: 2.356,77 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: Helder da Rocha e Saulo Coelho
Structure: Francisco Peixoto
Electrical installations: Producto Engenharia
Air conditioning: MSA
Images: Collection Sotero Arquitetos