Promenade Atlântico

Promenade Atlântico

The objective of the Promenade Atlântico project was to promote quality public space along the seafront in Ondina, a neighborhood of Salvador. The idea is to establish a new coastal connection between Morro do Cristo (Hill of Christ) and Ondina Square.

The design allows for the use of an extremely beautiful natural area that was previously utilized for underground pipes related to the rainwater drainage network. Seeking to take full advantage of the existing structure and to reduce the environmental impact, an analysis of the retaining structure was performed in order to optimize the aforementioned goals.

The linear path is 1.5 kilometer long and 3.5-20 meters wide. It was designed for circulation of pedestrians and cyclists, leisure activities and contemplation. The diversity of forms of appropriation of the space was guaranteed thanks to a variety of leisure equipment such as decks, lookouts, squares, pergolas, bicycle racks, kiosks, safety and security equipment, as well as spaces for small public events.

In the section reserved for leisure and gathering, Belvedere Atlântico will offer amenities such as a bicycle path, decks, lookouts, squares, pergolas, bicycle racks, kiosks, fitness equipment, children’s toys, lifeguard towers, as well as lighting infrastructure and landscaping to ensure users can be comfortable and safe.

The selection of adequate materials for use in coastal areas and its correct insertion in the environment, along with other items such as LED lighting, characterize this design as a sustainable intervention. Aspects relating to universal design are also guaranteed in the execution of the project, in respect to its end users.

The intervention aims to boost the quality of life of nearby residents by proposing a new use to a previously idle area, which may also function as a connecting axis and give rise to other ways to access the beach, via an infrastructure of low environmental impact.


Date: 2009
Location: Ondina – Salvador/Bahia
GPS Coordinates: 13°00’38.1″S 38°31’23.6″W (see on google)
Status: Not built
Size: 1,5 Km de Extensão
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Images: Collection Sotero Arquitetura