OCC Empreendimentos Office

OCC Empreendimentos Office

The H.Q. of the OCC Empreendimentos Construction Company is located on Tancredo Neves Ave., in the neighborhood of Caminho das Árvores, the financial center of the city of Salvador. The 24-story building possesses 18 offices per standard floor. The company’s H.Q. takes up half of one floor.

The client required that the design reflect the company’s characteristic seriousness and rigor, all whilst establishing an integrated corporate environment.

A regular plan contributed to the distribution of the program. The office possesses a public entrance and another for services. At one extremity, one finds the reception hall, which is connected to the main circulation area, three conference rooms, and a lavatory for visitors, in addition to the boardroom and the DPC. At the other, the administrative functions are grouped together, including the management office, budget & finances area and the archive. The central portion concentrates the production area with workstations, a small kitchen and toilets for the staff.

The creation of sectors bestowed functionality to the corporate environment and was represented with elements that reflect the philosophy of the firm. The use of Brazilian teak flooring in the reception and main circulation areas affects durability and refinement, while Lepri’s Torrone Rosso artisanal ceramic cladding reinforces the company’s belief in developing projects with sustainable characteristics. The production area was finished with Beaulieu’s Interlude carpet tiles, which possess a high sound absorption coefficient.

The production area was organized to take advantage of natural lighting. The waffle slab used in the structure is visible and serves as a support element for the installation of lighting and sprinkler systems. The layout of the space was made in a functional and linear fashion via the use of shared workstations in an open and integrated environment.


Date: 2013 – 2014
Location: Caminho das Árvores – Salvador/Bahia
GPS Coordinates: 12°58’38.5″S 38°27’26.6″W (see on google)
Status: built
Size: 313,09 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: Ciro Almeida, Fernanda Cruz Rios, Helder da Rocha, Ismeire Amaral, Marília Brito e Renata Válio
Construction: OCC Empreendimentos
Images: Xico Diniz