Municipal Administrative Center

Municipal Administrative Center

The design for the Municipal Administrative Center was created for the City of Salvador following a Call for Expression of Interest.

The building would house approximately forty administrative units linked to the Municipality and would be utilized by 6,445 city servants. The 69,700-square meter design was developed to be executed in Vale dos Barris, in a central portion of the city that contains a great number of old buildings.

The design for the municipal complex takes up an arch-shaped area situated amidst conventional buildings and stands out in the urban landscape, as its volumes adapt to the configuration of the lot.

Sitting at the base of the slope, this building possesses a full view of the valley. The best visual orientation coincides with that relating to thermal comfort, facing the rising sun, where the best gusts of wind also hit the building. Therefore, the workstations were distributed on said portion. Along the façade facing the sunset, the horizontal circulation is completely protected by the valley-side slope.

The complex possesses three large entrances, which are distributed as follows: one at the back of the lot, another at the main façade and the last at the same level as an existing overpass, establishing a relationship between the building and its surroundings and guaranteeing that the set is an extension of the urban space.

The complex of buildings is made up of three striking volumes set up as two opposing blocks interconnected by a longitudinal volume.

The first block houses auditoriums, areas relating to administrative activities, the Mayor’s office and possesses a rooftop helipad to meet the needs of the Municipal Administration.

The ground floor of the second block is reserved for commercial activities, while its remaining three floors encompass administrative offices. In an annex of this volume, the Citizen Service Centers would be installed. This block features a green roof that intersects the other two volumes at its extremities.

In the third block, two stories contain commercial offices and the upper levels are composed of areas that would serve administrative functions.

All buildings would be built in concrete and their pillars would be arranged with structural regularity on a radial layout.

The Municipal Administrative Center project has never been executed and its new service infrastructure is going to be relocated to another area in the Historic City Center.


Date: 2009
Status: Não construído
Location: Vale dos Barris – Salvador/BA
GPS Coordinates: 12°59’13.3″S 38°30’58.5″W (see on google)
Site Area: 71.500 m²
Size: 143.525,89 m²
Authors: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: André Biselle, Larissa Macêdo, Saulo Coelho, Valentin Alban, Amanda Keller e Fábio Steque
Images: Collection Sotero Arquitetos