Monorail Stations

Monorail Stations

The design for the passenger stations of a monorail line in the city of Salvador was created in response to a Call for Expression of Interest launched by the Government of the State of Bahia. Our team’s proposal obtained the highest score amongst six participants.

The competition aimed to define the best high-capacity mode of transport for the urban area and its insertion in the concession system.

Our office was in charge of the design of the stations, track support system and connections with other urban equipment.

The system consists of 18 (eighteen) boarding, transfer or terminal stations. With the vehicle and the monorail support structure, they make for a unique urban setting.

The monorail station design was based on the relationship between cost and functionality and an aesthetic appeal that could bring a significant contribution to the image of the city, always subject to sustainable constraints.

To reach said objective, our work sought to maintain a careful observance vis-à-vis three key points: location, station design and track support system design.

Regarding location, we chose to distribute the stations in a manner that would help regulate the increase in urban density, as well as the orderly development of traffic. We placed them as an alternative for transfer in intersections amongst neighborhoods, and proposed to maintain the green areas as an option for pedestrians, bicycles, gardens and parks.

The design of the stations was developed on a scale compatible with its situation in the urban setting. We adopted a standard model that is replicable along the majority of the line, with small adaptations being performed in a few particular cases. In general, we sought to use natural light and cross ventilation. In addition, we looked to establish a landscape and aesthetic reference, as well as preserve a harmonious relationship with the surroundings, in order to offer users objects of contemplation.

The entire track support system was proposed in architectural concrete to mitigate costs; our solution consists of a sole column, which minimizes impact at the point of installation, and an execution that minimizes accumulation of debris and, consequently, maintenance.


Date: 2011
Location: Av.Luis Viana Filho – Salvador/Bahia
GPS Coordinates: 12°56’41.5″S 38°25’15.9″W (see on google)
Status: Not built
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: Urbe Planejamento, Construtora Queiroz Galvão, Qualitas Urbis e Logit
Images: Collection Sotero Arquitetura