Ferraz Gourmet Restaurant

Ferraz Gourmet Restaurant

This project is located on a commercial property situated on a corner lot of a high-end neighborhood in Salvador. The site did not possess a well-defined connection with the street, and its southwest portion remained unused until 2011, when Chef Ricardo Ferraz returned from Europe, where he had spent six years working.

The vacant area possessed an irregular plan and should suit the program, which required that the flow of customers and materials never cross. Therefore, several levels were created and the activities taking place in the building were organized into three segments: services, customers and kitchen.

The basement floor was reserved for the service areas: customer restrooms, staff locker rooms and cleaning & waste collection.

The main entrance is situated on the ground floor, leading customers from the street to the main hall. This floor also features a bar and a veranda, whose circular perimeter is set by a large bench and garden that borders the street corner.

The upper floors are reserved for the industrial kitchen, structured in accordance with legislation, and the storage areas. The floors are connected via stairs and a freight elevator.

The restaurant is directly connected to the cellar of a neighboring wine shop, allowing patrons of the restaurant to make their selection.

The design provided for continuity with the exterior via the garden and the large glass panels that make up the façade. In order to make the space inviting and welcoming to patrons, tropical wood was utilized as the main element in the construction of all environments, from wall and ceiling cladding to furniture. We designed the latter as a way of bestowing a unique identity to the project.

Linear patterns in the interior environments can be clearly observed in the wood components utilized for cladding, in the furniture’s simplistic design and layout, as well as in the gastronomy-inspired sculptures produced by Bel Borba, an artist hailing from Bahia. Vibrant colors were used in the artwork, in decorative elements and with the bottle displays in the bar and cellar in order to contrast with the neutral tone of the wood.

From design to execution, Ferraz Gourmet brought a new dynamic to the locale via the permeable connection between interior and exterior, resulting in greater vitality of the urban space. Inside the restaurant, the selection of materials contributed to the comfort and efficiency of the establishment.


Date: 2008 – 2011
Location: Pituba – Salvador/Bahia
GPS Coordinates: 13°00’12.4″S 38°27’47.5″W (see on google)
Status: Built
Site Area: 6460 m²
Size: 377,42 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: Saulo Coelho, Luciana Nobre, Valentin Alban, Manoela Queiroga, Nuria Escriva, Helder da Rocha, Renata Valio, Aila Brito, Patrícia Brandão, Ana Cecília Martins, Gabriela Markl
Construction: Somar Engenharia
Structure: Wladimir Menezes
Installations: Joel Miranda
Air Conditioning: MSA
Paisagismo: Terra Verde (Alex Sá)
Images: Leonardo Finotti