FDUSP Library

FDUSP Library

The renovation design for USP’s Law School Library is the result of a careful observation of the preexisting structure and the program aimed to be implemented at the location. It is also established on principles such as rational intervention, low cost and complexity of execution and controlled production of debris.

The creation of a side block that distributes on all floors the main staircases, the freight/service elevator and lavatories, as well as the support area, is an important part of the new program layout of said building. This solution frees up the largest possible area on the floors to solve the requested program. The design proposes the construction of two new levels, resulting in an enhanced volumetric solution for the building.

The proposal entails a complete restructuring of the façade, seeking to reveal on the exterior the solutions related to the planimetric organization, by emphasizing the presence of the monolithic service block and the other, more transparent – which contains the entrance, administration, book collection and study area –, separated by a “gap” enclosed by a glass panel.


Date: 2013
Location: Vila Buarque – São Paulo/São Paulo
GPS Coordinates: 23°33’01.1″S 46°38’10.9″W (see on google)
Status: Not built
Site Area: 380,48 m²
Size: 4.041,51 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: Sergio Ekerman, Flávia Dantas, Iuri Nascimento, Larissa Vita, Priscila Aragão e Rodrigo Arruda
Consulting: Ana Maria Rapassi (Biblioteconomia), Márcio Orsi (Legislação São Paulo), Olavo Fonseca (Acústica), Rafael Ferrraz (Visualização Tridimensional), Rosana Munhõz (Structure), Vitor Dotto (Installations)
Images: Collection Sotero Arquitetura