Encontro das Águas House

Encontro das Águas House

The special topography of the land guided the project of this 300m2 of built area residence, in a condominium in the northern coast of Bahia.

The solution consisted of the creation of two modules, being one of intimate area, with rooms and home theater, and a social and of service module, connected by a footbridge.

A characteristic of the project is the desire of integration to the nature and the preservation of the existent vegetation. For that, a slab of the balcony received an opening for the passage of the trunk of a tree. The original project included the creation of a viewpoint that was not built by the owner.


Date: 2000 – 2002
Location: Lauro de Freitas/Bahia
GPS Coordinates: 12°51’23.4″S 38°19’04.7″W (see on google)
Status: Built
Site Area: 2.832,00 m²
Size: 300,00 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Structure: Fernando Marcondes
Installations: Brás Installations e projetos
Model: Arco
Images: Collection Sotero Arquitetura