DAS Restaurant

DAS Restaurant

DAS restaurant is located in Bahia Marina, a main reference in the city of Salvador. The locale boasts five restaurants with a wide range of gastronomic offerings, inserted in a popular touristic region replete with heritage sites.

The design was supposed to take on its own identity and adapt to the Bahia Marina environment without adopting a stereotypical nautical theme.

The area available for intervention was a commercial space situated in the parking lot of Bahia Marina. In order to accommodate the minimum number of tables required by the proprietor and a complex program, a veranda was created in the front portion of the space reserved for this project. Said veranda became a reference for those arriving in the area.

The trees that existed in the space prior to the project were preserved, and their trunks penetrate perforations left in the roof structure.

The level that contains the entrance of the restaurant is composed of a dining area, a hall for private events, a bar, accessible toilets, a wine cellar and a cash register. The two stories of the building are connected via a staircase located at the back. The bottommost floor houses the entire service infrastructure, such as a kitchen, a staff room, an office and a restricted access area.

A limited color palette based on gray was selected for the concrete counters and upholstery, in contrast to the orange chosen for some of the elements such as the fabrics, glass and chairs.

The interior design sought to highlight automotive icons. For example, a life-size replica of a Porsche was anchored to one of the back walls. Also in the interior, vinyl upholstery, commonly used in cars in the 1950s, was used on some of the seating, as well as architectural concrete and metal sheeting, which are associated with bare industrial architecture and automobile production. Outside, the wood and steel structure of the veranda seeks to integrate the restaurant with the environment of Bahia Marina.


Date: 2011 – 2012
Location: Bahia Marina – Salvador/Bahia
GPS Coordinates: 12°58’45.6″S 38°31’06.2″W (see on google)
Status: built
Site Area: 27.239,88 m²
Size: 406,34 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: Luciana Queiroz, Manuela Queiroga, Renata Válio, Saulo Coelho, Thiago Esposito e Valentin Alban
Installations: AIR Projects de Installations
Air Conditioning: MSA
Industrial Kitchen: Macon
Images: Xico Diniz