Florence Hospice

Florence Hospice

Florence Hospice intends to provide medical, psychological and therapeutic care to patients in advances stages of illness with no prognosis of recovery who require palliative care.

Situated in an old central area of ​​the city of Salvador, in the Nazaré neighborhood, the Hospice possesses a built area of approximately 3,000 square meters, divided onto four floors. Its program was distributed according to the circulation of visitors, employees and patients.

The first design decisions resulted from concerns relating to preexisting issues. The sloping topography and the client’s desire for a humane environment determined the conception of the design. Datether important factor in said phase was the need to create a relationship between the building and natural elements.

The architectural design aims to render the space as comforting as possible, where patients and their families can feel welcome and safe, and create a sense of belonging.

The entrance for patients and the reception are situated on the ground floor, along with the visitor support area, administrative spaces and the multiuse room. All beds possess integral bed pans, are accessible and are distributed on the ground floor and upper level. The two basement levels possess parking spaces, loading and unloading areas for small vehicles, areas for technical activities, services and recreation, as well as a cafeteria.

The structure of the building is made up of reinforced concrete and its walls feature concrete-block masonry. The waffle slabs are made with 60x60x27-centimeter plastic molds. Most of the support pillars are arranged along the periphery of the building, creating larger spans sans interference in the circulation areas.

The materials selected are simple, durable and easy to maintain, such as the textured plaster applied on the façades, that reduces the need for retouches. In the private spaces of the bedrooms, vinyl floors provide a warm feel, walls feature vivid colors and the furnishings were developed without a hospital reference in mind, in order to avoid the lethargy and passivity characteristic of the aging process. For this, every detail, from the bedrooms to the communal areas, from the services to the infrastructure network, was meticulously studied in order to adhere as adequately as possible to the technical norms, comfort and feasibility standards of the unit.


Date: 2015
Location: Nazaré, Salvador – Bahia
GPS Coordinates: 12°58’21.6″S 38°30’01.0″W (see on google)
Status: In progress
Site Area: 1.294 m²
Size: 2.701,03 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas?
Contributors: André Barros, Helder da Rocha e Saulo Coelho
Structure: Ven Engenheiros
Installations: Luiz Mitidieri Engenharia e Installations
Air conditioning: MSA Air conditioning e Refrigeração
Images: Collection Sotero Arquitetos