Church Building

Church Building

Designed to accommodate different uses of a Pentecostal church, this building possesses an area of 1,563 square meters and is situated on Vasco da Gama Ave., in Salvador. The program is comprised of an auditorium for services and events, a school, the administration, a bookstore and accommodations for missionaries and church staff.

The 955-square-meter sloping lot is linked to an extensive hillside that is surrounded by a dense area of irregular housing. The design approach makes use of the topography to divide the program into sectors, according to their respective areas of interest.

On the ground floor, one finds the public entrance and the parking lot, both connected to the communal hall. The social functions are situated on the first floor. The second, third and fourth floors are reserved for the administration. The top floor houses the bedrooms used by missionaries and church staff.


Date: 2010
Status: In progress
Location: Vasco da Gama, Salvador BA
GPS Coordinates: 12°59’38.5″S 38°29’54.4″W (see on google)
Site Area: 955,00 m²
Size: 1.563,00 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: Helder da Rocha e Manoela Queiroga
Images: Collection Sotero Arquitetos