Castro Oliveira Law Firm

Castro Oliveira Law Firm

The headquarters of the Castro Oliveira Advogados law firm met our clients’ desire for an integrated environment with a formal and functional hierarchy capable of transpiring both tradition and contemporaneity.

In order to accommodate the 66 employees working at the firm, significant interventions were performed in the existing hydraulics system in order to relocate the lavatories, as they compromised the layout of sectors generated by the program.

The rectangular floor plan allowed for a functional spatial organization. The only entrance to the office was placed in a central position. Consequently, it was possible to create zones in the area where interactions with clients take place: the reception and conference rooms, as well as the environments used by staff.

Said functional hierarchy also influenced the selection of materials utilized in the corporate environment. Mineral fiber ceiling tiles were used in the most restricted areas, while perforated metallic panels were chosen for those reserved for interns and lawyers.
The team opted for neutral tones in the reception area, which features a limestone finish on the floors and walls. The offices possess wood flooring.

In the walled sections of the circulation, bookcases were installed in order to optimize the use of the space. They were fabricated with MDF and given a laminate finish. The offices were enclosed with glass partitions, improving light in the circulation area, therefore contributing to a more pleasant environment, bolstered by the woodwork.


Date: 2011 – 2014
Location: Caminho das Árvores – Salvador/Bahia
GPS Coordinates: 12°58’58.4″S 38°27’18.1″W (see on google)
Status: built
Size: 283,75 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: Aila Brito, Helder da Rocha, Manoela Queiroga, Nuria Escrivá, Patrícia Brandão, Renata Válio e Saulo Coelho
Cabling: Smartnet
Construction: Gilson Gerônimo
Air Conditioning: CentralTec
Acoustics: Smartnet
Images: Xico Diniz