House of Praia dos Lagos I

House of Praia dos Lagos I

This house was built for a couple with two daughters on a 1,126-square-meter lot with smooth topography and an irregular shape located between the sea and a lagoon, on the north coast of Bahia.

The design took advantage of the privileged natural environment by creating two social areas with views to the surrounding landscape.

The strategy adopted was to set the building is such a manner that the view of both the lagoon, situated to the northwest, and the sea, to the southeast, were guaranteed. In addition, we divided the house into four volumes, giving rise to sectors in the programs and their operation.

The communal spaces in the residence were placed along the northwest/southeast axis, in order to allow for contemplation of the landscape from the environments where users spend most of their time. The private and service areas were placed in the south portion of the lot, distributed onto two volumes, in such a way that the sleeping quarters could receive the best ventilation and insolation. The guest pavilion would be an independent structure situated in the north portion of the lot.

An open concrete box marks the access to the social sector of the house and is the first of the four volumes identified by the user. A 60-square meter slab supported at its extremities provides shade to the veranda and to the gourmet area. In said box, one can also find the kitchen and the service area, as well as the access to the basement.

Also on the ground floor, one can observe the tension created by a concrete slab that connects the volumes that face the sea. Two inverted 75-centimeter-high reinforced concrete beams fasten the slab that defines the dining room and the wood deck. In addition to creating a space sans pillars, the slab connects the bedrooms of the residents to the guest pavilion.

The guest pavilion possesses an entrance independent from the rest of the residence. It can function autonomously thanks to its program, which consists of a small kitchen, a living room and a bedroom on each of the two floors. A concrete staircase with a glass and wood railing connects the ground floor to the first floor.

A concrete pergola shelters parked vehicles, creating a transition space between the street and the private environment.

The pool area faces the lagoon, with the purpose of taking advantage of the setting sun and being protected from the heavy gusts that come in from the ocean. The design bestows ocean views to all bedrooms, as well as excellent ventilation and natural light.

A limited variety of materials and neutral colors were utilized, such as the gray texture that was applied to the walls, as well as the São Tomé quartzite cladding and the gray texture that were applied to the exterior walls of the house.


Date: 2010 – 2011
Location: Arembepe – Camaçari/Bahia
GPS Coordinates: 12°47’46.1″S 38°11’58.1″W (see on google)
Status: built
Site Area: 1.126 m²
Size: 646,00 m²
Author: Adriano Mascarenhas
Contributors: Arq. Saulo Coelho, Thiago Esposito, Valentin Alban e Luciana Queiroz
Construction: A&G Construtora
Structurel Project: V&N Engenheiros Associados LTDA.
Landscaping Project: Carla Oldenburg
Electrical Installations Project: LL Projects
Lighting Project: Omni Light
Images: Leonardo Finotti